Whether we know it or not, design is a voice. It’s a first impression. Design is a vehicle for visual communication. Every brand, business and product has a desired audience. What are you saying to your audience? Is your audience hearing your voice clearly?

Understanding that it’s important to deliver a clear, unified message is half the battle. Discovering what makes you stand out in the crowd and building on that detail is the goal.

No matter if you need to promote a service or sale a product, update your brand or convey a message, design and creativity can strengthen the delivery.


I am a free-lance graphic designer with 20 years experience. Over the years, I have gained experience by working on projects large and small; with start-ups and corporations; branding, print and web.

Prior to the workforce, I attended and graduated from North Carolina State University’s College of Design, where long hours and tough deadlines paid off as a baseline for how to grow in the creative industry.